Wooden Construction: A Solution to Quick & Light Constructional Needs Or Wooden Construction: A Lighter & Lighting Fast Creation

For the past several decade’s timbers are the material of choice in any and every kind of construction. Wood is the most commonly used material for construction. The wood frame building industry is mainly situated in locations surrounding Europe. The information about wood industry presented in the paper was received from eight countries. The countries are Austria, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Italy, The Netherland, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Besides, the hill residences are prepared in this way also.


Wooden Frames & its varieties

Much structural variety is found in this wooden construction. Foundations mostly built in this method are basically houses and secondarily the interior designs of an office or a workplace. The frame structures define the strength of the construction, so it is applied according to the need of the strength.

  • Balloon framing

Wood framing was displanted by balloon framing which started in America in 1830. Balloon farming is a style of wood framing where the buildings use long vertical 2″ * 4″s for the walls.

  • Platform framing

Platform framing is also known as Western framing. In this framing method for the barb construction, each floor of a farm building have sides consisting of poles covered with wire mesh and they are framed independently.

Now, Framing is also divided into two categories. The differences come across the weight of the required components. The details are as follows:

  • Heavy frame construction.
  • Light frame construction.

Heavy frame construction

Heavy construction involves usage of large and heavy wood planks that joined together in building the frames for construction. During the 10th century, wood frame structure had been completed for the first time. Then in the 17th century, this method was brought by European settlers to North American. Wood frame style of construction was used in the 19th century in the field of housing, agriculture, industry, and commerce.

Light frame construction

Light frame construction is a lighter system of construction that creates structures of very low weight. The major advantage of using this method is that the buildings build up by this method can be easily relocated. People are often deployed to set this kind of structures overnight working with their bare hands so far. This method suits ideally to accomplish lighter building with a handful of semi-skilled people within a few hours.

 Advantages of the wood framing structure

  • Construction of instant houses – it is 4 to 8 times faster than the time which takes to build a solid house. The walls of these type solid houses are the same strength of monolithic.
  • Friendly production- wood construction is environmentally friendly.
  • Much lighter – wood construction is lighter than any solid materials construction…
  • Long life materials – For modern wooden house are made of durable materials. For that, a house can serve as shelter.
  • Price – price is not high to construct a wood framing house. That’s why poor people can make a deal with this

Disadvantages of Wood Construction:

  • Sound transmission.
  • They are too lightweight.
  • Not fireproof.
  • Not strong enough to hold out from tornado and hurricane.
  • Loss of trees leads to global warming & loss of classical resources


We all need a house in order to our shield ourselves to make sure we are staying under a roof. As there are several another process of construction to deal with, yet no other way is better than this. Steel-frame Construction or a Load-bearing construction is a way too high to choose for a house to build. This wooden service is required and the woods are also a factor not to be cut down for our personal use against the affecting parameters of global warming. This is a high time to make a choice and probably find a new cheaper & a better alternative.

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