Steel Frame Construction: Buildings That Resists To Fall

An immense strength lies in the steel products. When we talk about a construction of steel we must know how important the construction must be, so that it is getting constructed by steel materials. Heavy metal constructions mostly state the steel construction. A steel wire of 25 mm of diameter can be used to pull a weight up to 20000 kilograms up in the air. Great buildings with a lot of functions to operate from it are constructed with steel frames. 

Steel frames & their field application:

Often the steel frames are used in following areas-

  • High-rise Constructions/Buildings: 

These constructing buildings need powerful ingredients to hold up that huge pressure for a very long time.

  • Industrial constructions

Large spaces are required in an industry. That could be possible by using strong and varied elements like steel frames.

  • Warehouses: 

They share a similar cause with industrial construction on the note of using steel as the building material. Broader structures an achieved through using this steel frames.

  • Residential Constructions:

Light Gauge Steel frames are used for residential purposes.

  • Temporary Frames: 

These steel frames are strong frames of steel that can be manufactured quickly. So any temporary important parameter could be easily implemented with steel frames.


Steel Constructions:

Fabrication of steel is done for many usages. Above we saw in almost every place this could be constructed. So we should know how it is used in building construction. The points are followed-

  • Conventional Fabrication: 

To make a required structure of steel a team of steel fabricator cut the steel slabs into specific lights and weld these pieces together. This process is generally called as Steel Fabrication. This work can be done on both on site or in the warehouse. Basically, in workshops, this fabrication is done to save a lot of time and labor investments.

  • Bolted Steel: 

This service totally lies under the pre-designed section of construction. The builder takes out an analysis on the basis of surveying the project area. Then anticipated plans are made too. The whole construction components are made in the industry and are then delivered to the spot. According to the truck’s size, the components are prepared, around 6 meters of maximum length is concerned.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Steel Frames:

The main pros of these structural frames are given as below.

  1. It’s so much time efficient in case of building one project.
  2. Wind and earthquake forces can be tackled by these frames easily than other constructions procedures.
  3. I sections, C sections and other angles are easily available, and so any temporary job can be done.
  4. These can be clad with alloys and given any shape as these have huge flexibility in specific terms.
  5. Bolting to welding, possibly all the joining, methods can be applied to these frames.

Now it’s time to deal with the cons of using these frames:

  1. These lose the primary strength in temperature, so some way has to be created to make it get rid of falling of strength and quality.
  2. These are very responsive to the humid- very corrosion prone.



We came to a point where all the requirements met, but the investments matter the most. That the reason this method is not applied in all the required places. The strength of a steel frame can define its lasting attributes to all the other components. The jobs today have pre-designed, that also includes the complex usage of these frames in a different part of constructions. We are in a century where we are building more than we are planning. All the facts define a single fact of assurance, and steel frames never fail to give that.



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