Awesome DIY Ideas

Awesome DIY Ideas

  • DIY Picture Clock

Second most common suggestion is to use pictures. But how to make it creative? Why not a picture clock instead of a regular clock? Try using your pictures to make your very own Picture Clock Or Memory Clock. Whatever you’d like to call it. It will save your more memories, and also save your money. Two in one. Plus, you’ve got to agree, it looks much more awesome than your regular tick tocks. Next time, whenever you see the time, you’ll see more than just the present time.

  • Noise Reducing Drapes

You hate noise of the outside world? Or the outside world hates your noise? Well, in both cases, you don’t need to worry. We’re here to cover your back now. If you have some extra dollars to spend, you can buy these amazing Noise Reducing Drapes. In addition to their noise cancelling effects, their thickness provides for excellent blackout and thermal insulating properties – you will save money on air conditioning as well.

If you have these, you can sleep peacefully, no matter what the time is. And also you can play your music as loud as you can.

  • A DVD Organizer in Bed

This idea is usually for people who love movies or who are always having friends over. You can simply get a DVD Organizer in your bed. This way it will be much easier and faster to access all your favorite DVDs if you’re gonna watch a movie. So you only have to spend time on getting some popcorns and soda to enjoy with the movie.

  • Walls of Wilderness

Love the Wild?  This is a very cool idea for your walls. Make your walls reflect your wilderness. Now you can enjoy the experience of the faraway forests while sitting in your same old sofas, beds or chairs.  And also it makes your room much more Cooler (along with wilder). Don’t believe it? Try it!

  • Hammock over the stairs

You have some stairs at home? Great! Than try this cool idea. Hang a hammock over your stairs and enjoy a peaceful time while reading a book or just relaxing simply. Whatever you do, you’ll be happy, and calm, and peaceful, and feel the pleasure, and more. Don’t you agree, it’s an Amazing idea?

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